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    I know this is bordering on unhelpful or unrealistic to check (unless you have a Halo as well as a BR1) but a lot of issues I have had since late November have been with the BeoApp and/or the BR1 locking up. (Especially with PUC selection).

    I wonder if something is going on where the Theatre or BeoApp is telling the BR1 to shut down…or something like that? Wonder if disengaging the battery unit after a given command kills future error-state shutdown?? Inconvenient…yes.

    As an extension to the postulation above, have you tried changing your PUC settings to always stay on? I’m hypothecating, there is some bug which is telling the Theatre that there may be a microsecond change (say going from one HDMI source to another) and this is forcing a shutdown? Bit of a Hail Mary……….but worth eliminating it as a cause with a quick configuration change?.?

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