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    @ebnrobnumber key presses not being relayed to joined speakers or masterlink’ Could you please explain what that means – an example would be helpfull. MM

    Hi MM, this was the problem I had which is now fixed in the newest firmware v2.1.51691:

    I’ve discovered that I cannot use the number pad in a link room after joining. For example, if TuneIn is playing on my M5 and I join my A9 mk4 to it, I can’t select presets using the number pad on the BR1 (BT) in the link room. This also means I can’t select the CD playing, or directly change FM radio station on my BS9000 via the NL/ML converter. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the BR1 that’s also received a Firmware update, or the speakers.

    Thanks for explaining.
    I haven’t noticed anything of that kind with my Essence – maybe this is because my user behaviour is different?

    I have – as of today – an M5, which I haven’t set up yet……wonder which version that will have.
    Usually both devices have the same SW, or?

    The firmware of all my Essences is lower than what you mention for the M5.
    I wonder if the Essence will be updated too – but maybe only the M5 was affected (which is unlikely).