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    thanks for the input. Is it mentioned in a manual or guide somewhere? The reason for asking this is if this is for a connection with Masterlink or Powerlink?

    I have linked to a PeterPan thread before that had the following note under a post about BL3500 and Wireless 1 – perhaps this accounts for the Option 0 setting (when using the first version of Wireless 1):


    The combination Wierless 1, version no. 1780 and BeoLab 3500 version no. 1601 must not be connected to a separate IR-Sensor, here the IR sensor that is built into BeoLab 3500 works.

    Installation of a separate IR-Sensor therefore only applies to the first version of Wireless 1.

    Here’s the thread (I used google translate – 3 Mar post refers):