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    Yes, you can daisychain multiple speakers using the builtin or external switch/splitter.
    The Powerlink cable carries two channels aka stereo – you set the behaviour (left or right) via the small jumper on the speaker.

    Depending on the room this can be handy.
    The other option is to connect the second set to a Beolink Active box – > sw 1.5 – and connect this to the main unit with a Masterlink cable.
    You can get these pretty cheap second hand.
    N.B. In order to get this working with the old 2500 you also need the Beolink Converter (1611).

    This gives you the option of turning on the sound from the main unit/the 2500 independently in two rooms and also control the volume there independently.
    The Beolink Active has an infrared eye for remote controlling.
    This is ideal if you want the speakers in two seperate rooms.
    You can have multiple sets of speakers/Beolink Active in your home, if you need that.

    If you want to connect the additional speakers to a tv, there are optional ways to do this.