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    The 8000’s do not have the required second PL port. You’d have to use an external splitter from the first to the second. However, since you want a BL11 as well, you simply run the PL cable to that and use the 2 output port there for the 8000’s. Since you have no other input option on the 2500, you will need to use the A.Aux there for an external device. P.S. Why it that a problem for you? MM

    Hi thanks for answer. However, can I use PL2 from 6000 and conect it to 8000? Problem? more like a waste of using it. I would rather save it for CD and Tape. But more I am getting into this more I have feeling one day I will have more systems. One for music i nstudy room and one for movies and bass music in living room 🙂