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    Ok, thanks, My 2 cents here.

    1. Set the Theatre, BL5s and BL3s optimally for the Theatre.

    2. Daisy-Chain the PLs BST >> BL5 >> BL5

    3. Daisy-chain PLs BST >> BL3 Splitter >> BL3s

    4. Connect Core to BST (not sure how this is done)

    5. Daisy-chain Core coax >> BL5 >> BL5.

    You will need to make a listening position for the BL5s stereo only and maybe configure the BR1. The music signal will be digital to the BL5s from the Core and the BST should control volume signal via PL? Thats how I imagine it. Obviously, I can’t test but hope it helps?

    Im still seeing comments about relaying PL from BL5 to BL3?? You only have two channels on BL5 – Left and Right. Daisy-chaining the PL to BL5 is OK ,followed by channel selection. The BL3’s need to be coming from the Theatre from another second PL outlet.

    This is what I had in mind with my comment above. (also to add, you will need a TOSLink to Coax converter to take the SPDif signal from optical to electrical – which the BL5 accepts.