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    Thanks Mr10Percent

    I’ll try to sum up as good as I can 😉

    • There is hardly any wife-factor in this, just the composition of the room combined the fact that I already have BL5’s in the room that cant be placed otherwise so the only way forward is to work with what I have in place and then add to that.
    • I cant use BST (only) for BL5’s because then I would need to use PL-only and thats a downgrade from the Coax I use now via the Core. Also the core is a part of a larger eco-system I cant put on the BST (Phono player via digital RIAA, Roon via Mac Mini ect). So I need to share the BL5’s between the Core and the BST.
    • I dont need fronts – the Theatre does that just fine.
    • I have a BL5 located where the Left rear would be, I would like to use that as a rear.
    • I dont have a BL5 where the Right rear would be, so I need something to fill that gap. I am thinking BL3.
    • I understand mixing speakers at the rear is not a good idea, Millemusen made that abundantly clear to me. I do however hope I can down-tune the BL5 via the App that allows me to manipulate the levels of each speaker.

    So what I have come up with: To share the BL5’s between the BRT and the Core (so I can keep playing via Digital Coax, or at least that what I hope) I will use the Almando switch, shown in the illustration above. From that feed the BL5 and from the left rear BL5 see if I can feed a BL3 a a right rear.If I cannot daisychain a BL3 on the BL5, I will have to go with the Receiver 1 even though it is not ideal due to lack of technical integration.

    It’s all in the illustration above, I think I just need to try it out since this is not really what they intended in Struer.