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    Hi bnousr, I think posting your settings is helping a lot!

    In general, I think you should see the BLCs as filters to pass on sources from ML to NL and vice-versa.

    In case of the BLC-BS6, the A.Slave setting means you can only pass on sources from its ML side onto NL side. As you only want to pass on the PHONO and the A.TAPE sources, you can ‘uncheck’ in the ‘Experience mapped to NL’ all the boxes apart from ‘N.RADIO’ and ‘A.MEM’ (as they are the same as PHONO and A.TAPE). At ‘Name used on NL’  you can call the N.RADIO source ‘PHONO’, and the ‘A.MEM’ source can be called ‘A.TAPE’. The BLC-BS6 will now pass these sources and commands onto the BLC-BSM that is connected to your main ML network. On the IR mapping page, assign the N.RADIO command to BLC-BS6 with NL source renamed PHONO. The A.MEM command is then to be assigned to BLC-BS6 with renamed NL source A.TAPE.

    See my (simple) setting of the BLC connected to my BeoSystem 6500, just for passing on CD onto the NL side:blc

    And the setting of the other BLC to push that CD signal onto its ML side:



    As said I am wondering if you cannot better set the BLC-BSM as an A.Slave too, and only pass on the netradio and netmusic onto the main ML network as Carolpa already suggested. I would then assign the ‘RADIO’ IR command to the Beosound Moment’s ‘TuneIn’ NL source, and the ‘N.MUSIC’ (=A.TAPE2) command to the Beosound Moment’s ‘Music’ NL source.

    The only thing that I can’t figure out is how the main ML network will react to a ‘RADIO’ IR command, as it might start the TuneIn radio on the BS Moment, as well as the FM radio of the BS9000. Or am I seeing that wrong Carolpa? Were you counting on a 3rd BLC?

    bnousr, I hope this helps.

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