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    I’m glad to hear that you figured out the issue. I wouldn’t have guessed that particular thing was your problem.

    The markings on those Piher pots is difficult to read. One tip that I have is to place the components in a block of foam that is marked for the value.


    I like to test all of the new components before I install them. After they are tested, I stick them in the foam. This makes the re-cap/re-pot procedure go faster. I’ve also found new parts that are technically “in spec”, but are so marginal that I wouldn’t want to use them.

    I also mark and stick the old components in the foam when I remove them. This makes it easy to test the old components to get an idea of how well they have aged.

    BTW, the adjustment for the signal strength is one that you could get away with adjusting without instruments. Tune between strong and weak stations and adjust until the display gives a behavior that you like.