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    The doubled PL’s that excist in many BL’s is just a switch used to daisychain the PL signal to another speaker.


    Of course it is always a delicate matter to give advice to someone, when you do not know the details of the room and the circumstances.
    Looking forward to hear how you get along.

    You can read about the ‘receiver 1 issue’ in the big BST thread
    This has been mentioned several times there.
    It has to do with the fact that the BST knows the values etc of basicly all recent and previous Beolabs and can use this to calculate the filters, when you use Room Sense (with the help of the microphone).
    But it can not know, what is connected to a Receiver 1.

    I guess there will be a way to solve this soon.
    A workaround could be the ‘good old’ white noice setting up (like with the previous BV’s), that was introduced again not long ago for the BST.
    This will not work as well as the Room Sence method, but it will work.


    I disagree with you, when you say, that ‘the surround bit is just for fun’.
    Multichannel sound is a way to enhance/improve the experience of both sound from video and from music…….when done well.
    And Atmos adds/can add to this experience.

    Of cource you need to listen to (well made) multichannel/Atmos music content first in order to recognize this.
    I must admit that taste can be pretty individual.
    But IMO ignoring multichannel music is often more a result of refusing to experience new things/ways of listening (we often tend to stick with old habits).

    To 2.
    The only way to get around this probably is to try out the Almando Switch.
    In my experience – many other BST owners agree – ones speaker setup will sound different/better when connected to the BST and properly ‘room sensed’.
    I was pretty surpriced by the difference, when I changed from my old Avant 1st gen to the BST.
    Did you try to set up your 5’s directly to the BST including using the Room Sense method?
    Try making a listening position with only the 5’s L/R and play some 2 channel aka stereo music.

    Have fun.