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    Hello again Millemissen – thank you, really appreciate your input!

    Oh, I did not know that it was a completele no go to connect two PL cables to one speaker – thanks for clearing that up. I just saw two PL ports and went for it. I’m happy to report the BL5 did not take any immediate damage, as I have been using it all night 🙂

    I understand the rears are not a part of the Atmos. And just to be clear, I’m very impressed with the Theater on it’s own. While recent B&O additions  to my home  as the Balance have all been good, it’s been a while since I felt like a product really justified it’s price and lived up to the anticipation I had.

    While having just one rear installed I tried some out some Atmos material such as the new Eric Clapton – Lady on the Balcony blu-ray and what one single rear did for the experience seriously impressed me – I never had any surround before so I am easy to impress I suppose. I understand you are not saying rears wont help just to 1) Reorganize the living room which is really impossible, there is no way unfortunately 2) Add rears and keep the BL5 out of it. That is of course possible, but the left rear would need to be within 0,5 m Ø of the BL5 and it’s not a matter of getting the wife onboard, I dont like the idea. Also, I’m not ditching the BL5’s for something more modern 🙂

    I’m very impressed with how the B&O App allows me to tune each speaker. While it cant tune a BL3 into a BL5, it could tone down the bass on the BL5 make it resemble a BL3 more, at least to my untrained ear – for hi-fidelity I will always rely on tube-amp + headphones or BL5 from core, so the sourround bit is just for fun. I hope I am somewhat right, honestly, I might be very wrong and end up with a pair of BL3, a PL Switch and a Beosound Reciever 1.

    I’ll report back here on what I do, at least you can get a big old “told you so” if turns out to be very dumb.

    Two final questions if you dont mind

    1) You wrote:
    “Or as an option for this – when B&O will have sorted out the Theatre/Receiver 1 problem – a set of BL3’s.”

    Am I missing something here. Is there a general Theatre <-> Receiver 1 problem or just with the Beolab 5. The B&O retailer told me the Reciever 1 would work with the Theatre, so I assumed this was a viable path for the BL3.

    2) Do you know of any way to add the Core to the Theatre in a way where I could still use Coax-digital to feed the BL5s from the Core but the Theatre would be able to see the BL5’s on the core. Wish there was a Powerlink In.

    Final thought: I wonder, and this is very very hypothetical. But if the Reciever 1 was added to the Almando Powerlink switch, if that could theortically, make it work with the BL5. Or is just the the signal the Reicever 1 send that the BL5 doesnt like. Just a throught…

    Thanks again for taking the time and making the effort!

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