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    Thank-you  for all the help!!!   It was an installation of 100 and 100k trimmers that caused both problems,  the LED for the FM strength AND the no load current setting issue.

    I did verify the correct trimmers were installed on the amp board TWICE,  but the R234 was hidden behind another large green component c201,  I could make out the first 3 letters but not the 4th when I initially checked, and I moved on.

    Once you asked more questions about the recap work, I looked again and finally saw the k in 100k, which was wrong for R234.  It was to be 100 .  The 100k should have been on the LED feed on board 6, which was my other problem.   Once swapped everything worked perfectly!

    Thanks for all the help, your questions lead me to recheck a third time!

    Best regards



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