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    Hi Millemissen

    What a brilliant and detailed reply. I did what you suggested and tried it out. Just a very crude cables across the floor proof-of-concept. Plugged in directly from PL1 on the Theatre to the BL5 added the speaker and ran a listening position. Of course it’s not balacced with no right rear, but it made a GREAT difference to the “Atmos” part and with the options in the app to either boost or reduce the Db of each inividual external speaker I feel like I should be able to work out something where a smaller speaker could fill out the void on Right Rear.


    When ever I have both the Powerlink from the Core and the Powerlink from the Theare connected at the same time, and even though the Core is off (and the other BL5 is Red) the sound is distorted. It happens the second the second cable is connected, if I unplug it during a sound test the distortion is instant, even to the point that volume + / – has a digital noise sound.

    To explain my setup:

    I have a Core that feeds digital and PL into BL5-Right  and from there both Coax-digital and PL ibto BL5-Left. So on BL5 right both the 2xCoax (in out) and both PL2 plugs are used, on the BL5-Left only Coax in and PL1 is usted, and then I add the second PL2 from the Theatre.

    Can someone explain why those two interfer with each other even with the Core off (well on stand by, not unplugged)

    Probably a stupid idea, but could I perhaps avoid the issue by adding a plug such as this:

    So both Core and Theatre is on the same PL plug on BL5-Left.

    Any other cowboy-solutions?

    What I’d rather not do is cut out the Core completely because I did try running the BL5’s on Powerlink “only” and I noticed a clear degradation of sound quality over the Coax-digital connection  I have now.

    I was also looking at

    Maybe I could connect Core and Theatre to that and then feed one source into the BL5-Left?

    One theory I have about the noise is that it’s not a MK2 cable I am using. So I ordered up new Mk2 cables to rule out that being the case. I am sceptical about it though because it sounds just perfect whenever there is only a cable between theater and BL5 – it’s the second two wires are connected the distrotion (lower volume, noisy, digital noise on volume change) happens.

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