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    Basicly you can do anything, you’d want to with the speaker set up?
    However, if anything is good, is another question??

    You could (and should) try out what you propose, but you will have to remove the Core/Coax and run pure PL from the Theatre (daisychaining is possible).
    The roles for the speakers etc is set up in the Theatre/app.
    You can make as many Listening Positions as you like (and delete those again). Do remember to take time in account – and you need to take off the frontcover for connecting the microphone.

    If you do not like what you hear……
    ……as I see it you have some other options:

    1: Bite the bullet and reorganize the speakers (in the end your wife will get used to it) for a as good as possible setup = the 5’s as fronts and a set of BL17’s as rears/surrounds (these are WiSA capable).
    Or as an option for this – when B&O will have sorted out the Theatre/Receiver 1 problem – a set of BL3’s.
    You do not need the Core for that setup – the Theatre offers everything a Core has and more.

    2: Use the 5’s and the Core as is…..for music.
    Add rears/surrounds to the Theatre as described above – this alone will certainly bring a lot to the Theatre.

    3: Depending on your room layout and the seating/listening position, move and set up the BL5’s (PL cable required) as surrounds for the Theatre and make an additional Listening Position/speaker group for listening to music/radio with the 5’s only.

    You will never be able to connect the 5’s via a receiver 1 – it does not work with the 5’s.

    Certain rumours say that there at some point will be an option of connecting the new Mozart based speakers as surrounds.
    But!!! It is way to early to say anything about when and how this would work or whether you can mix with wired speakers in the front etc etc.
    Just to say that there might be another option…..if you can wait long enough 😉

    Happy playing with the Theatre.