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    correct – I use my Sky set top box (as I pay for full satellite/cable TV) as my main source.

    I do actually have a separate co-ax aerial carrying free to air TV connected to the living room LG (+theatre setup) directly as well, though thats more a backup in case the Sky service is interrupted, and then at least I have something.

    But even with Sky, some channels / programmes are 5.1, some 2.0 – and in my standalone bedroom Theatre, the 2.0 can sound space-y and thin, and not quite right.

    I’ve done as they suggest in the Flatpanels review -switch the TrueImage off, and select Direct.   Certainly sounds more “normal” with Direct on, and the airy / spacey sound has gone.  Its a flatter and less 3D sound though.

    Will keep playing with it, and if there is a bug as the article reports, await a fix.