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    Interesting – so if I wanted to connect a BeoGram record player to my ML network (I don’t have any product that can control the BeoGram anymore, would I be able to remote control it via the 1611/1615? Or would a 1611/14 converter be insufficient as it still needs a beomaster talking properly to the turntable?

    Just to clarify my earlier quick answers: The 1611, 1614 and 1615 beolink converteres are 3 different products. The 1611 is confirmed in this thread to work as a converter between a link speaker on ML and AAL input without any Audio- or videomaster in the system.

    The 1614 I don’t know a lot about, but it’s mostly the same, but without the capability to works as a audiomaster in the ML network according to the ML handbook. So you would probably need a real audimaster as well in the system going against the idea of using the BEogram without an audiomaster.

    The 1615 is only for connection a link room Beovision without ML connection to a ML network and recieve audi signals from the audio and or videomaster in the ML network, and therfor as describe earlier only on way audio from the ML network to the Beovision, and therefor not useable for your case.

    The MCL2AV will work as a “light” audiomaster and can convert the AAL control signals from the 1611 to AL signals that can control the Beogram via the ML netwrok. Further the MCL2AV can have a IR eye and speakers connected for local control and listening if that makes sense in you setup.

    Also, in that linked thread the Beogram was a ‘local source’ but I would hope that the BL1611 would make if available across the whole system.

    I am pretty confident that it should make it available on the ML network as my test with my Beocord 3500 has shown I can control it from a BC6 via the 1611 and MCL2AV.