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    Some things to try (including some repetition from the above):

    • Don’t change the crossover
    • Don’t change the Re-direction Levels (as a first step, at least)
    • Don’t turn off the Loudness

    Find an example of a signal that you feel has too much bass. Play it and disconnect the power to your Beolab 19 and play it again.

    IF, when you do this, the issue disappears (I assume that this will over-compensate and now you have too little bass), THEN
    the solution is probably to reduce the Speaker Level of the Beolab 19 in the Listening Position -> Speakers menu. There’s no way to predict how much you should reduce it. Just drop the level until you’re happy with the relative balance.

    However, IF, when you do this, the issue is still there, THEN
    the solution is probably to reduce all Bass Redirection levels. Do this to all of them by the same amount (e.g. drop each one by 1 dB and listen again…. repeat this until you are happy with the relative balance.)

    Hopefully, one of these two procedures will fix the issue for you. After this, you can use the Bass, Treble, Frequency Tilt, and Sound Enhance sliders to make fine adjustments to taste.

    Hope this helps.