Reply To: Beovision Avant and Beolab speakers losing commection

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    No idea what the issue can be, but… suggestions?… Ennh, only bad ones…  (1) As @MM says above, just wire the suckers. Or at least two of them, WAG-ing that reducing the overall address count or frequency usage might avoid some bug.  In the same vein, wire or turn off the one principally drop-out speaker “permanently” to see if that fixes it forever, or sooner or later just moves the problem.  (2) Crazy DIY experiment: Buy a WiSA SoundSend ($179) and connect it with some other TV, and let that link to all the speakers to see if they stay connected.  If not, return it and try #1 above.  But if the SoundSend amazingly works, blame B&O and start wasting time with their “professional” tech support.  (3) Experiment #2: Switch your network to 2.4GHz only, for all devices.  Truly, unless you are a massive data consumer with many, many devices competing, or have an old 802.11b device bleating on, you won’t even notice.  Well, except reception will improve everywhere!  (Unless you have neighbors competing for the 2.4GHz channels, of course.)