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    20% off Beolab 18s *IF* you buy a Theatre at full price.  USA & Canada only, in store only, March 1 thru April 30.

    Seeing as they raised the price of the Theatre by $500 on March 1, and the “excess discount” of 5% over the previous sale (15%) on the Beolab 18s amounts to $500, the left hand giveth and the right hand taketh away.  But if you were already planning to buy this particular combo before the price increase, now’s the time!

    Also a 25% discount offered on Beolab 18s when full-price Theatre is bought, if you also buy *TWO* Beolab 19s (also discounted the 25%).  Some marketing person made the margins work out right, but it undercuts the notion that one sub with a pair of 18s was the proper bundle.