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    a new item,  No load current issues:

    I thought I would carry out the no load current adjustment.

    The unit is operating for a few days in radio and tape after full recap.   This morning I start:

    Right channel done, set to 22mv as per manual,

    Left channel was at 2.5 mv.  when turning the VR 9R234   to bring it to 22 mv,  the unit went to standby.   If I set it above the 2.5 it will shift the unit into standby (short duration of a “buzz” then click of the relay).  I tried turning it when in standby and then turning it on,  it lasts 1 second  on …then back to standby.   If I set it at the bottom (2.5 mv) it stays on and appears to work normally.  What would shift this unit  to standby when adjusting the no load from 2.5 mv up?