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    Madskp wrote:
    Thanks for testing this. So the fifth audio input for the BL3500 is not an option. Might also have been overkill

    I already tested the BL3500 with a minijack to MCL connector special cable, and its working fine so probably ready to go into the testing setup.

    Got a crazy idea. If the MCL input on the BL3500 can be used with line level signals the MCL input of the MCL2AV’s could probably also do that?

    Quick testing with some cable with phone plugs, and connected my iPhone for sound input


    And there you go. an extra input that can be chosen by any audio command that is not used for a datalink unit connected to the DIN inputs.

    The other inputs can still be used with shift+radio+6/7 or the respective audio command if it’s a datalink unit.

    Im not sure if the sound is a little lower, but didn’t have time to make a head to head comparison with the same source on other inputs right now.

    will followup on this at a later point