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    1. I still have an old BeoGram and TapeDeck that I would like to connect to the BM 5. How does that work. The manual is kinda fluffy about the USB Adapter needed. Anyone out there can shed some light on this?

    Not knowing the USB another idea comes to mind when you want both a Beogram and a tape deck connected. In this lengthy thread we are experimenting with alternative use of some of B&O’s “black boxes”. We have confirmed that a combination of the 1611 Beolink converter and the MCL2AV can give access to two inputs (tape and CD) on the MCL2AV from a Beolab 2000, Beolab 3500 and from a masterlinked TV. However we haven’t had the chance to confirm if this also will work from a Masterlinked Beosound/Beomaster.

    The setup would look something like this:

    BM5 -ML- 1611 -7 pin Datalink- MCL2AV – Beogram/Beocord