Reply To: BS9000 + BL3 = buzzing and high pitched noise

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    Block diagram shows the two Powerlink outputs are simply wired in parallel on the BS9000.  So noise generated by a faulty speaker *might* propagate to the other cable, regardless of whether they are daisy-chained or not — it’s just a dumb bus, not separate output drivers.  Start by disconnecting the aftermarket MK.2 (thick, 8-wire) cable and set it aside.  Then test: Run the BS9000 with just one BL3 at a time, and use the MK.3 (thin, 4-wire incl. ground/shield) cable for that single speaker.  You’ll quickly discover if one speaker is whining, or the BS9000 is.  Don’t forget to try both channels with each single speaker, using the L/R switch.

    (N.B. I have never personally experienced a high-pitched whine, only the well-known click&buzz when the volume control was pressed, from using 8-wire cables.)

    [Edit: You might also try plugging in headphones and see if your whine sounds on them.  Not sure what that result would mean, but someone else will know.]