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    bnousr, Carolpa, out of curiosity, I put my BM6500 in option 1 and connected a speaker to it. The system, connected to 1611/BLC/A.SLAVE works as normal.

    In another room (that uses my main ML chain) I could listen to, and control the BG CD 7000.

    Also, when starting the BG CD 7000 (from stdby) from the other room, the speaker connected to the BM6500 stays muted.

    This seems exactly what bnousr looks for. And to be honest, I would find it quite elegant to let the BM6500 amps drive the passive CX and Cona speakers (and not introduce another amp and leave the BM running idle).

    Again, the above is not allowing the BM6500 play any other sources than its own.

    As maybe said before, I think it’s really great that B&O allows to use all these generations of devices together. When it is all set-up (which takes a bit of fiddling) it can work really well.

    Regards, Johan

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