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    The second of two Beogram 8002s is one the bench.  I do have a few pics to share later but these would be better if I could actually say something useful.  Right now, I have restored it from no standby light to about 90+% functionality but I am at another impasse.

    The unit needed a new IR emitter at the wormdrive encoder (I replaced the two sensors also but had no actual data to suggest that was necessary).  LDR voltages are set at about 630 mV. I could not achieve satisfactory voltage at R72 on PCB1 so I tried replacing R64 with 10K and 20K trimpots.  This did not help.  Eventually, I tried replacing C19 with a 47mF/16V cap instead of the 1mF/63V cap originally on the board.  Initially, I thought this had helped as it did achieve higher voltage at R72 but was unstable and the tonearm still occasionally set down on the platter without a record.  I tested TR14, TR15 and TR16 but these were fine.  Finally, I completely removed R70 and went back to the original trimpot at R64 (4.7K  variable) and the original 1mF/63V cap at C19.  This combination seems to work best as the tonearm now sets down properly with a 45 or 33prm record and does not set down without a record.  However, there are still two remaining issues:

    1. When not finding a record at the platter edge, the tonearm does not slow down but continues to scan across at initial speed.  However, if a 45 rpm size record is in place it DOES set down properly and plays through.  I am not sure this is a big deal but I believe it is designed to slow down.  The first of the two 8002s does this correctly.
    2. At the end of a record the tonearm returns properly and the turntable motor shuts off but the platter is not induced to stop and continues to spin freely.  Again, not a terrible problem but I cannot figure out why it won’t.

    So… if anyone has some ideas, I would love to hear them.  I am way past my knowledge base on this and probably made some mistakes in the above discussion.  Again, Sonavor has been very helpful, obviously having been through possibly every issue this turntable can toss out.

    John M