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    Have you tried putting the MCL2AV in MCL2A mode (by holding down the TIMER button and pressing RESET (SHIFT MUTE) on the BL1000? If I do this with mine, then use SHIFT RADIO 6 to turn it on, the LED stays on and no sound comes out of the PL speaker. However, pressing the sensor’s MUTE button I can hear the MCL2AV’s relay clicking on and off. Perhaps this works for your mute button? I have then put the MCL2AV back in ‘2AV’ mode by holding down TIMER and pressing AV.Oh yeah that could be a good way to test it.

    Ok, tried this now with both of the IR eye’s and the MCL2AV being stand alone or connected to the 1611 and the BC6. No way in any case will it respond to the timer + reset command or timer + AV for that matter. so no wiser on this matter. Of course my MCL2AV arrived with defects, so it might as well have other defects.

    Regarding the numbering of the trancievers i found this in the MCL handbook:

    Skærmbillede 2023-02-26 kl. 11.51.32

    It seems that the MCL2Axxx and corrosponding tranciever i named with the same type numbers (2045, 2046, 2047). So when the text says that the tranciever for the MCL2AV is  the same as on the MCL 2ABLI then the type number shouldn’t matter, unless of course it’s type 2045 as mentioned in the troubleshooting section.