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    I am not at all sure about any of this – but I don’t think it has anything to do with the mute problem.

    No I don’t think so either. It was just something that could be of interest to the overall functionality of the MCL2AV.

    I did, however, find this in the MCL Handbook Troubleshooting Guide: I think the type label is inside the back cover – any idea what type yours are?  Of course, it was only valid when written hence I would suspect that later transceiver versions may well work! EDIT:  I just checked and the one connected to my MCL2AV is a Type 2046 and seems to work fine!

    Ok interesting and could makes sense. But there might be some confusion in the numbering. In the servicemanual the MCL2A is called type 2046 with transceiver type 2021. No trancivever is mentioned for the MCL2AV, but there is a separate section for the tranceiver type 2021.

    The one I got with the MCL2AV has type 2047, Serial 08412681, SW 2.0.


    The other one is missing the shield with the badge, but has a number on the cardboard inlay which could be a serial number: 8920215.


    We might be going down a deep rabbit hole here…..