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    This is strange! I think the sensor relays the MUTE instruction to the MCL2AV via the data stream, and your IR is working so the mute should be as well. I did once have to take apart an MCL2 sensor to fix a faulty mute switch – from memory it simply wasn’t making the correct electrical contact when I pressed the button. So a faulty switch is not unheard off, but it seems a strange co-incidence that neither of yours work!

    I think your assumption about the Mute function being through the data stream is true for the MCL2AV. On the diagram for the IR eye /Transreceiver in the service manual the yellow wire is connected to a output called mute on the chip. (note the servicemanual is for a type 2021 and the 2 I have is type 2047, so there might be differences)

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    However on the MCL2AV it seems like it is connected back to the grey wire which is is also an output of some kind on the IR board chip.

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    On the MCL2A diagram the yellow wire is conencted directly to the ciruit with the mute relay for the speaker, so it might be used differently on that unit.

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