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    hi bnousr, my BeoMaster 6500 (with only a CD7000 plugged in, no speakers) is set to A.OPTION 0, so that it does not react to Beo4 IR signals. My BLC is set to A.SLAVE as well, and it is configured to only pass CD audio onto NL (experience mapped to NL).

    My second BLC is an A.MASTER to pass on audio from the Core (and the other BLC).

    The IR command PHONO is the same as N.RADIO, and ATAPE2 is N.MUSIC . So you need to figure out what command activates what source connected to your BM6500.

    Do you have the “BeoLink Converter NL/ML Type 1790 Installation Guide”? Maybe that can help setting up your BLCs up optimally. Let me know and I can dm you a copy. Let us know how you get along, I can help with some screenshots of BLC settings if you want.



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