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    Hi Guy, and thanks for the welcome but having said that a long users here on the forum, just changed the id and I think this is the 3rd forum setup I’m seeing (sadly as we get a bit cut of and finding old threads/postings including instruction/images). Having said that, it’s great to be back as I kind of lost the interest for the forum when it changes, sadly.

    So thanks for the thread link which I kind of recognise my own gear in as I also have a multiroom system but then with ML as primary carier and see that the BS7000 in the provided link is connected to the BLC via the 1611 and then to the NL/LAN so same as I set it up. But, that were I get stuck just can’t get it to play.

    Just to line up a few facts on the setup:

    • The BS6500 is set to default Option and IR mode nothing changed.
    • The BLC dedicated for the BS6500 ML role is set to: A Slave
    • The BLC dedicated for teh Moment ML role is set to: Source Center

    And then of course the BV10 and BS9000 as expected with the current setup; so N.MUSIC triggers the Moment and plays out via BL8000 connected to the BV10 or several BL3500/BL4000/8000.

    Based on the below attached ML-NL network diagram, the BS6500 is currently being used in the office, and that’s were I want to connect it via 1611 to ML-network socket which then is connected to the Technical Room which has the 2 BLC’s.


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