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    So far all is said already what I could add here, but explicitely I want as well say „many thanks“ to Lee and Keith for the effort to keep the forum and Beoworld up and running! But also to the moderators and all the people here for the posts, information, and providing fun to read through the threads. I did create my account in 2008 when I started collecting and repairing  things. From beginning on I recognized here a really enthusiastic, nice and authentic community. I was also active in an  automobile forum, but the spirit here (also to other hifi forums) is much more relaxed, kind and funny. I did perform the upgrade because of the schematics and to support the effort. I did not hope to win anything, so it was really a pleasure to win double in one price draw – again, many thanks 🙂

    To come back, I would also as many others propose a slight increase of the Gold fee and then rather to skip one price draw.  BTW: Facebook groups are no option for me 🙂