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    I will try to reverse the modification and try it again.

    OK, so I got the modification reversed (I hope). I t was not just added components and wires but also cut traces on the PCB, but luckily I got the reference IR board to look at and the PCB is fairly simple to overview.

    It is working now though sometimes a little unstable, but also on this one the mute button is not working. I wonder if it’s something on the MCL2AV that is actually not working.

    When I had the BM5500 connected I also med the connection from the MCL2Av to the 1611 and BC6, and control of the BM5500 sources from the BC6 works fine through all these  connections

    I did one more experiment with this setup. I removed the speakerlink cable that carries data so only right channel connected from BM5500 to MCL2AV. Started the radio on the BM5500, and the tried to activate the MCL2AV with different audio commands. Both Radio, CD, Phone and Link A.tape (I still have the Beocord 3500  directly connected to the MCL2AV) would open the sound input from the MCL connection. So it looks like the MCL2AV when receiving and audio command will use 5-10 seconds to look if this source is available locally with datalink, and if not open the MCL connection, regardless of the source being available at the other end.

    Guy wrote:
    Madskp wrote: @Guy: One thing I don’t think you have tested is how the reaction to an AV + Video source command is from the BL3500  when connected to the 1611 and MCL2AV? Does it just open the video source on the 1611? Just tried that now (with no IR sensor on MCL2AV): BL3500 in Option 2 or 6: Behaves exactly as when selecting TV etc without AV first. Just opens the video source on the 1611.

    I did some experimentation myself regarding this matter, and for one thing it might actually be the shift + radio + 1 (or A.AUX +1 on BEO4) command that should be used for this proposed scenario.

    I tried to make a split cable connected to the MCL2AV’s AUX port and the 1611 and an iphone as input on the aux port. I got very mixed results, but 1 or 2 times I actually managed to get sound from the iphone connected to the AUX port back via the AUX port out to the 1611 and BC6. But i was very inconsistent regardless of option settings. I wonder if this is at all possible