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    Hi HPRAS, welcome.

    I’ve become very rusty in the art of getting the BS5 directories running “optimally”. I am sure other contributors will come on here and correct me.


    The BS5/BM5 can log onto the network via a cable to the router. You will beed a password to logon via the BS5. How to do that I have forgotten (I think a factory reboot and recovery gets you there?). Similarly, once you have your credentials (and again, others can fill in the detail), you can access the BM5 music files via your windows PC File explorer.



    The BS5 will be a stickler for metadata. So best buy yourself a good IDTag editor and ensure you cross-reference all the search criterial (and get rid of anything that can cause an unwanted category search). Edit and categorise all your music in your PC. Its faster.

    I used the file system “Artist Name – Artist Album” in the music directory and added all the correct IDTagged music files (FLAC) to that directory. This makes the wheel/beam search very fast (to me)


    Once complete, copy the whole lot to the BM5 via the network.

    Once you get used to the exact procedures, its straight forward to do (if not slow to load).