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    My BS3 was bought with my LG OLED in mind as I’m heavily Masterlink reliant. I moved from a Beovision 5. I did look at a new B&O TV but would have to move to the new system using NL/ML converter and they wanted almost £1000 for the converter alone.

    Connected to my BS3 is a B&O DVD-2, Amazon Fire-TV, and a Humax HDR-2000T, 2 Beolab 3s and 2 Beolab 12-3s.

    The BS3 is connected to the LG via the DVI out. For sound, the LG is connected to the BS3 by a cable from the headphone socket to a scart converter. The DVD-2 is connected via scart and HDMI to the BS3 (scart required for control). The Fire-TV is connected via HDMI (and has a FLIRC USB receiver programmed to receive Apple codes as that was in my PUC list). Most apps on the Fire-TV are replucted on TV. I use it mostly for non 4K media. The Humax is connected via scart to the BS3 and HDMI to the LG and controlled by the PUC (connected by scart to allow me to use the DVD-2 to record from it and make DVDs for friends overseas). I also have a Lintronic IR converter. More about that later. When I watch the TV, I watch the LG via its own tuner, with sound through the BS3.

    When I first set up the TV I experimented with my Beo5 controlling the TV. I used the configuration tool and a Philips Pronto learning remote to get the LG codes on to the remote. It worked quite well but we had to take the whole system down to re-model the living room.

    I have set it all up again and am experimenting with the Beo5 and/or the Lintronic box and Beo4.

    Unfortunately for you, I don’t think it is as simple as swapping out the screen and still use your Beo5 as before, unless you are happy for the new TV to be a screen that just shows the HD picture as opposed to what it is capable of. Also, I’m not sure if the TV will default to the correct input every time.

    I’m experimenting with the Lintronic because I’m happy with it and my Beo4, but will set up the “foolproof” Beo5 for my partner.

    Between Tignum and me, we can probably get your BS3 and screen working at 4K but I think your Beo5 will need to be re-programmed. I can help with that, but it is a steep learning curve and there will be a lot of trial and error. And as I’ve said before, unless you can get your original Beo5 XML file, you will need to start from scratch.
    It will assist to say what you have connected currently.