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    Good to know that not nesecarily broken. For good meassure I will try to make a MCL cable and hook the MCL2AV up to my BM5500 to see if everything works as expected there. just found a bag with MCL cable and speakerlink connectors in my storage today. Also in the bag was an extra IR eye of the same tape as used with the MCL2AV just wired up with a minijack from when I used it with a Beoport many years ago. Made me remember that it came from a MCL2AV I had over 20 years ago, but didn’t know how to use at that time, so it probably ended up as E waste 🥺
    So got the MCL cable soldered to the cable and hooked it up to the MCL2AV with just speakers connected to the PL outputs. Radio from the BM5500 going throug just fine, but the mute button on the IR eye still doesn’t work.

    tried the other IR eye but it would not respond to IR. Opening it up it had som modyfication inside where the yellow wire was connected to an extra transistor. Dong know what thats about, but I also have a cut of 7 pin din connector that was on its cable when I got it. The former owner was in B&O ‘s R&D department back then, so he might have used it for something fancy before I got it. I will try to reverse the modification and try it again.
    When I had the BM5500 connected I also med the connection from the MCL2Av to the 1611 and BC6, and control of the BM5500 sources from the BC6 works fine through all these  connections