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    If you had to reset the option setting to 1 often, I would guess that the internal backup battery has died and should be replaced.  You don’t want it to leak and damage anything.

    Make sure that the upper part of the front panel of the BM7000 is very clean and also the red “glass” windows on your remotes.

    To quickly test if the remotes are sending IR signals, you can use the camera on your phone to record a video. The BL 1000 IR emitters are located along the top edge and  around to the bottom under the red “glass” covers.  Point the camera at the emitters and start recording then start pushing buttons and the remote.  Playback the video and check to see if you see the emitters flashing.  You can’t see them with the naked eye.  The MCP 5500 emitters are located at the corners of the red “glass” along the back edge. Take another video of the MCP5500 and see what happens.

    If you see the one or both of the remotes flashing then you can rule one or both out. If either one is working, use it and get close to the BM7000 and press sound > 1 store.  If the BM7000 standby light doesn’t blink once, it didn’t receive the IR signal.

    Report back your findings and hopefully other members will have some more helpful input.

    Good luck,