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    I have been dreaming of this for 10 years… 34019CDC-3E96-404E-B40F-E7FCCC1A39A10DF84A3F-1D40-498A-8D85-71ACB7D3A728

    Congrats, Leo! Please add your listening impressions of the BeoLabs after some listening time! The all-black BV7 looks awesome, too.

    I’d be very interested to hear how/if you recommend the BL7-4. I’m running a BeoLab 10 as my center channel and I never thought I would need more from a center channel until I put it in-between a pair of Beolab 5s. The BeoLab 10 is of seriously outgunned on SPL and low end (not the BL10’s fault) but the timbre of the 10 and 5 are extremely different. I wish I could fit a third 5 underneath my BV. The Beolab 10 seems to be very midrange-forward compared to the 5s (much sharper in the HF). I wonder if people reading this have the same opinion? MY Beolab 10 sounds so “warm” in the middle by comparison that I wonder if the tweeter is operating correctly.