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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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    Hi Dave,

    Yes, the 9500 was the only system with Powerlink sockets and an RIAA pre-amp built in, as the 9300 system that followed it lost the RIAA pre-amp (this was a rare case of the follow-up having a LOWER model number than the previous model!)

    The other systems of the era (Beomaster 3500, 4500, 6500 and 7000) with Powerlink sockets didn’t have RIAA pre-amps, as they relied on the Beogram having a pre-amp built in.

    However, earlier systems (5000, 5500 and 9000) without Powerlink all had RCA pre-outs which could be used to connect Beolab speakers, as well as RIAA pre-amps for an older Beogram.

    Anything can be connected, but in some cases an external pre-amp or special cable will be needed, which I can help with if required. Hope that helps!

    Kind regards, Steve.