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    Yes that would be a useful experiment, especially for one of the many BeoSounds with only one AUX socket (eg Ouverture), or with no datalink (eg BS9000 or BS3000/3200). I would imagine that some Beogram users would like to remote control their turntables using such a setup, (assuming you could add both BL1611 and MCL2AV). Unfortunately I don’t have an ML-equipped BeoSound or Ouverture to test it with!

    Me neither. What I am unsure of is if the Beosound will just open the integrated AUX at any sound command that is not a internal source. Maybe if need to be setup in an option as a link room system so the 1611 + MCL2AV acts as the Master system.  We’ll have to see if anyone with a more modern BEO setup joins the experimentation in this thread