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    I meant if anyone who can write 3870 assembler code and wants to re-create the functionality of the original program, as you are doing with a modern processor, then the piggyback CPU would be available.

    Anyone that would want to do that is far more hardcore than me. I did that kind of stuff back in the early eighties. I don’t think I’ve ever nostalgically reminisced about those times, thinking of them as the “good ‘ol days”  ;-).

    When I was writing the re-CPU software, I kept thinking to myself that it would have taken months to write the assembly code that I was able to crank out in a few days in a high-level language.

    BTW someone else has already been through the process of making a plug-in replacement for the CPU, using a PIC processor. It would be good to see a pooling or resources for anyone else who might be interested in reviving a BM6000.

    I wasn’t aware that anyone did a re-CPU of a BM6000. I read of a guy that did a re-CPU(s) of a BM8000. I think he based that on PICs. The thread was titled something like “BM8000 brain transplant”.

    Do you have any links to the BM6000 PIC project?

    I don’t think that I would be able to do what I planned with a PIC. Every time I revisit the “wish list” for the project, I feel the need to use a more powerful processor.