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    I might be interested in the CPU(s). It is not clear to me what you mean by “rewriting the original program”. Can you elaborate more about what you were thinking?

    I’ve already started a project to re-CPU my broken BM6000. I’ve built a rough prototype with a modern CPU. I’ve written software to perform the basic functionality (i.e. buttons, displays, volume, FM, etc.). This software also includes main board debug capability. I was working on adding remote control communication and Datalink communication when I got sidetracked by other projects.

    I then got another “parts” BM6000 which had a broken volume motor. I scavenged the motor from the BM6000 with the bad CPU to fix the “parts” machine. This pushed my re-CPU project from the back-burner to off-the-stove.

    Re-CPU-ing the receiver opens up many possibilities to integrate the BeoSystem 6000 with modern audio networks. I have a dozen or so ideas so far. I have even implemented a couple of them on my prototype setup. I hope to get back to this project someday. I’ll need to find a replacement volume motor to make my prototype bench viable again. Do you happen to have a spare volume motor?

    I’ve also been toying around with a more ambitious BM6000 project than the re-CPU one. I wouldn’t need a volume motor for this, but it would take significantly more resources to complete.