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    Hello Guy and thanks for the quick response.

    I already faced the “downtime” of 3 hours twice  and the set came back to life after this regularly.

    No matter what I do, I don´t get access to the master code menu. That seems to be the root of all evil.

    I´m not really sure, if it´s the fault of the remote control, as all buttons are working and are recognized by the TV somehow. Still have another Beo4 here, but it doesn´t work right now. ( Display vanishes as soon as a button is pressed and reappears after letting it go, but that´s another topic. Mentioned it only to point out, that there is no choice to try anoter RC at the moment).

    Service manual sounds good, as the set seems to have starting issues from time to time, maybe as a result of a faulty power supply (capacitors or stuff?) , but that´s a thing, I will have to take care of another day.


    I´m not really sure, if there is something special , that I didn´t realize or that I was probably doing wrong, but the longer I think it over, it seems that the menu is kinda blocked or the remote doesn´t exactly fit(??). Usually, the designers will prevent end users from doing inappropriate entries by coincidence, but who knows??? Maybe there´s a second stage of entry options or stuff? User´s man doesn´t relate to that, no warnings.

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