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    When playing from the MCL2AV sources (TAPE and CD) the TV menu showed only A.AUX (with either MCL2AV type).

    Ok interesting when it doesn’t show up on my BC6, but of course the BV10 is newer. But My BC6 also has some weird things going on once in a while, so i might just reset it to factory defaults to be sure that Im getting “clean” results from my testing.

    I could also control and listen to the TV from the MCL2AV/BL1611 ‘link room’ by pressing AV TV, but couldn’t listen to any of the TV’s hdmi inputs (eg by pressing AV SAT). After trying to do so, I had to switch the system off and on again to control/hear normal TV.

    If I remember correctly HDMI sources (or digital sources) can not be distributed via Masterlink, so that may be the reason for that behaviour). My BC6 doesn’t have HDMI, so I might not be able to make a comparing test.