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    Yes this would be useful. Matador produced an excellent diagram that summarised the early breakthrough with the ‘dual input’ BL1611 to BeoLab 3500. When we have finished playing with the ‘added MCL2AV’ we probably need something similar to summarise the one-room/two-room configurations with TV or BL3500 connected. Perhaps when the Beoworld User/Service Manuals library has been re-vamped we could ask for a ‘Novel Configurations’ folder where we store such information?

    Yes it was actually something like that I thought, placing them in the new manual library might also have the benefit the Keith doesn’t have to make a whole new “module” for it. Looking at Matadors diagram again, most things are mentioned so it’s a great format. Maybe just adding a few disclamers about what might not work for the different use cases, and for what MK and SW version the setup has been tested, and maybe a link to the thread were the info originates from.

    I for one would be willing to put in some hours to make some of these configuration pages.

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