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    Hi Lee & Keith,


    first of all big thank you and cheers to both of you. You do and have done an amazing job for an extremely long time with this forum. I can totally understand your reasons about the price drab but I think this is a good time to change some things.

    First of all I think the price draw is great and should stay in one or another way. Second I think this could be the time to rethink things and restructure some things. Why? Because B&O changed, people on the forum changed and as you said things for yourself changed. Perhaps this could be the time for Beoworld 3.0? I mean the current Beoworld is amazing but perhaps people want something different.

    These are things I could think about (just some brainstorming).

    • General things
      • Where will the forum be hosted in future?
      • How much will this cost
      • What will be the core system of the forum? WordPress etc.
    • Manpower
      • Is there enough admins to handle everything?
      • Can some people help with certain things without full admin rights?
    • Financing the forum
      • Are the current levels of membership the right ones?
        • What differentiates these levels?
        • level cost – will more people be willing to join the silver level if it is cheaper?
      • Ads on the page?
        • Perhaps bronze level will have ads on the page and all other levels only the sponsor and no ads?
      • sponsorships
      • b&o affiliate store? If members buy from a Beoworld affiliate store (or b&o partner store) they get a free gold membership?
    • Content
      • What content do people expect?
      • new categories/structure for the forum? Something Like Home Automation
      • Perhaps there is a differentiation between old and new b&o stuff?


    These are just the 2 thoughts I had while walking the baby. I think in general the one or other poll would help to get numbers behind those questions.


    In general I thing neither you or Keith should be paying a cent for this page as you donate us all so much of your free time. Thanks for your amazing work!