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    I’m saddened to learn of Beoworld’s predicament.

    I joined as it was a question of simply having to be involved in something that catered to my passion for B&O product.

    I’ve met many interesting people here as a result,and gained a mass of information too.

    Although I’ve been involved with B&O equipment for nearly fifty years,I’m still surprised by other Beoworld member’s knowledge.

    I think that you need to capitalise on the value of the resource too.

    There is of course a growing element of the “something for nothing” mindset,that won’t pay for anything,but I suspect that there are other’s that would be prepared to pay a token amount in respect of help received,or simply to donate to keep the site active?

    Beoworld certainly needs to consult with web marketing experts,to look at way’s to generate income.I’m amazed that there is no advertising onsite,this is often the sole reason for having a web presence,and surely could be utilised sensitively?

    I certainly would’nt object to an increase in subscription fee’s,and the prize draw is a bonus,not an incentive.Why not have a random tickeded unpredictable  draw,to keep people guessing.

    I’m sure too,as other’s have suggested, that we could donate item’s from our own collections,as indirect contribution?

    I’ve found Beoworld to be an invaluable resource over the years,and I wish the team the best for the future,and hope that you can continue


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