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    Hi Everyone,

    Few small comments from me whatever they worth it.

    Clear goal

    • In my opinion, true value of Beoworld is in forum where people help each other and in manual/schematics repository. I personally think that both should be preserved somehow and they should be prioritized for that to happen.
    • Access to forum needs to stay free of charge otherwise people might not want to engage on it at all.
    • There is probably room for improvement with the way how information about wealth of knowledge that is available in manual/schematic is advertised.

    Prize draw

    • I personally think that possibility to win BeoGram that use to belong to Roger Moore was something truly special. I didn’t win it but this was something really great.
    • if possible, decrease to 2 (summer and Christmas). If not possible, suspend it altogether.
    • maybe decrease number of prizes that could be won?
    • ask people on a forum to donate their stuff they don’t need/use anymore, to be used as possible prizes to win. Surely there are people there who own more than they need and would not mind share joy with others. Those people, if they wish could be named during prize draw if this helps.


    • Instead of increasing members fee, add options that are cheaper. If someone needs to spend 1 or 5$/E they might not think much about it. Add cheaper option to gain access to limited number of manuals downloads. For example: 2 downloads for 1$ and 10 downloads for 5$?
    • do not increase membership fee but highlight possibility of donating more money if someone wish to do so
    • try to figure out a way to connect with distributors, especially one that sell 2nd hand B&O stuff. It might be win-win situation where they can sell stuff that needs some TLC and at the same time point their customer towards Beoworld for help.
    • I don’t know how but maybe there is a way to monetize know-how that is available in forum members heads. Maybe after receiving good and useful response to question posted on forum, person who asked question is poked by some automated system to contribute 1$ towards Beoworld website? Might be annoying buy maybe it will generate some money.


    • when I type in google “B&O help” I can only see links to official B&O site. No mention about Beoworld. It might be possible to influence positioning on Google. Maybe someone with such knowledge could help here?
    • when I type in google “B&O manuals” Beoworld is at the bottom of first page (which is OK) but there is also a website with what looks like all B&O manuals and they are for free. This kinda kills my idea about charging for them.
    • maybe start some sort of campaign on Beoworld forum asking members to tell their friends about its existence? Concept of social network is certainly there. If there is a free way to utilize it, why not.


    • move forum from home server to some sort of Google, Amazon or Microsoft online service. This should decrease amount of effort that is needed to keep forum alive and stable. Explain the audience cost of it and clarify where contributions to Beoworld membership are used.

    No great solutions here. Just some thoughts.