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    After my initial reply I have kept up with all of the other great ideas and comments generated.  Here is one more half-baked idea that maybe someone on the forum can turn into a great idea.   What if a user could post a question that a more knowledgeable person could answer in return for a contribution to the cause.  For example let’s say a question is a real head scratcher and  requires deep knowledge, and a member is willing to pay $50US  for an answer/solution.  The member that answers the question gets some amount credited towards the membership fee while the forum gets the cash.  I can think of  questions that I’ve had over the years that I would gladly have paid an expert to answer.   Here is one example – I had an Avant 55 that died, but I salvaged the working speakers and motorized movement before heading to the recycle center.  I’d be happy to pay for a solution on how this can be reused, wiring diagrams and such. Maybe this is outside the scope of the forum, but it is an example of something where the manuals and schematic don’t seem to be readily available.   Maybe there is a member that sees the question and says that they can answer it for a “b ticket”.  I go to the Beoworld store and buy a “b ticket” for a set price. In some ways this is similar  to buying the postage to mail a prize.  The member that answers the question gets some level of credit from the answer.  Maybe it could be as simple as the “buy Lee and Keith a coffee button”, but it is a payment for someone’s membership.  Anything to keep this site viable.  Cheers.