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    I was both surprised and sorry to hear the Lee has been paying for the prizes. I did not join Beoworld for the prizes an when I did win one it was my first ever time at winning any sort of prize so it was a lovely surprise.

    Neither Lee nor Keith are paid for any of the Stirling work they do and the immense time it takes to run the site so thank you to both of them.

    Having read the posts I like the idea of courses run by members for the benefit of members.

    Of course we should pay whoever runs the course with some money going to Beoworld as well. This would help encourage new members to join and keep existing members who want to learn more.

    In addition, I think the fee should rise. Personally, I would pay £50 per year. As an angler I pay this for club membership and that is considered cheap.

    we should all do our best to spread the word on the other internet sites as to the benefits of joining Beoworld. I am a member on a number of these and they are not a patch on Beoworld with a lot of misinformation at times, something we don’t get on Beoworld.

    As for the prize draws, well, until things get better perhaps we should only do one a year then increase them as funds allow.

    For me, the main thing is to keep the site open as long as possible, it’s in all our interests.

    Thank you