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    This sound like a great use case, especially if you have a datalink compatible unit, and also want other sources connected. The Beolab 3500 should still be able to access the Video source in the 1611 I guess?

    I hadn’t thought to test this earlier, so thanks for the suggestion!

    I just connected the previous BL3500/BL1611/MCL2AV (no IR sensor) setup but included a Y-adaptor from the BL1611’s AAL socket. I then connected an iPad to the extra DIN socket.

    So in answer, yes, you can still select a VIDEO source when the MCL2AV is also connected – any VIDEO selection (TV, SAT, DVD etc) will open this input as before. SHIFT RADIO 6 or 7 still work as before for the MCL2AV’s TAPE or CD socket.*

    So the addition of the MCL2AV allows you to have a total of three selectable inputs from the BL3500.

    * EDIT: One anomaly: when playing the ‘video’ source, pressing SHIFT RADIO 6 or 7 turns the BL3500 off, so to switch sources from video to audio you have to turn the system off first. There are no such problems when changing from audio to video.

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